BOOK COVER: Building Sweet Dream
Softcover, 8½"x11, 176 pp.
ISBN-10: 1-888671-03-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-888671-03-2
Many Illus. & Photos.
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Building Sweet Dream is a complete how-to manual covering all phases of building and finishing six versions of a 12-, 13- or 14-foot 28-lb. arc-bottom canoe.

It includes dimensioned hull plans, a detailed building sequence heavily illustrated with step-by-step photographs, tips and techniques for painting and varnishing, and hard-to-find background and reference material.

Anyone with a few basic hand and electric tools and a small workshop or one-car garage can build Sweet Dream.

This is a boatbuilding project for any level of boatbuilding or canoeing experience.

Sweet Dream is shapely, strong, and durable.

Usually boats designed for simple building are rather uninspiring to look at. Not the Sweet Dream. She has a rounded bottom, fine ends, and a lively of the loveliest canoes to come out of a backyard...This is one of the most detailed single-boat building books we have ever seen. There are sample photographs and diagrams, and the instructional text is clear and un-ambiguous. International Marine Boating Books Catalog, 1996

Sweet Dream combines an ancient canoe form with contemporary materials and building techniques to create a delightfully light and responsive solo canoe for today's wooden canoe builders and paddlers.

Sweet Dream's innovative "folded-plywood" method follows in the wakes of designers and builders in the mid- to late-1800s who pioneered new construction methods at the cutting edge of their technology and expands the limits of what is possible using plywood and epoxy.

Sweet Dream makes maximum use of materials; 85% of the two sheets of plywood goes into the hull and a set of double paddle blades.

She is easily and quickly built using hand and basic electric tools, is stunning to look at, and gives excellent paddling performance for beginners and experts alike.

Author Marc F. Pettingill says, "Building a first boat can be a traumatic experience if not approached carefully."

I used my own first building experiences and those I have gained in teaching youth and adults in designing the Sweet Dream hull and building sequence.

Wherever possible I took out all the mystery, "rocket science" and black magic.

I substituted innovative procedures that take advantage of strengths of modern materials and adhesives."

Everyone thinks he can design one [a solo canoe] a little better or more efficient. The difference is that Marc's is a lot easier to build...It was a flat sheet and voila! it was 3-D. I think people were really excited to try it themselves. Matt Murphy, Editor, WoodenBoat Magazine
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