A Heritage in Wood A Heritage in Wood The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's Small Craft Collection Edited by Richard J.S. Dodds/Pete Lesher

A Heritage in Wood brings together the 76 boats in the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's watercraft collection. Graceful bateaux, simple skiffs, racing log canoes, and one-design boats are illustrated with photos, line drawings and histories that take the reader on a fascinating journey through this splendid collection.

Boats by Purdy Boats by Purdy by Alan E. Dinn

This is a fascinating and an authoritative history of the Purdy Boat Company, one of the most famous makers of custom yachts and racing boats in the 1920's and 1930's, based on official company documents and correspondence and on reminiscences of family members and boat owners, and augmented by many photographs and line drawings of classic Purdy boats.

Chesapeake Bay Crabbing Skiffs Chesapeake Bay Crabbing Skiffs by Howard I. Chapelle

This booklet is reprinted from the June and October 1943 issues of Yachting magazine. It describes the various types of vessels used by "watermen" on the bay from the 1880's through the 1920's. Details are provided of their construction and rigs as well as numerous drawings of the skiffs. Written by Howard I. Chapelle, one of America's foremost maritime historians.


Chesapeake Bay Sailing Craft Chesapeake Bay Sailing Craft by M.V. Brewington

This pamphlet gives a brief description of the sailing vessels common to the Chesapeake Bay in the early 20th century.




Notes on Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks Notes on Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks by Howard I. Chapelle

Howard I. Chapelle's Notes on Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks remains the authoritative work on skipjack design and construction more than 50 years after its first publication. This new edition frames the original article with some of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's recent documentation of skipjacks, including photographs and measured drawings.

This new edition frames the original article with some of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's recent documentation of skipjacks, including photographs and measured drawings.

Chesapeake Bay Sloops Chesapeake Bay Sloops by Thomas C. Gilmer

Chesapeake Bay Sloops tells the history and geneology of the Chesapeake Bay sloop. Originally built to carry cargo, when fishery laws were relaxed following the Civil War, they were also used for oyster dredging and fishing. Contains drawings and details of the J.T. Leanard, the last of the Chesapeake Bay Sloops.


The Discovery of the Chesapeake Bay The Discovery of the Chesapeake Bay An Account of the Explorations of Captain John Smith in the year 1608 by Frances d'A. Collings

There is very little literature available on Smith's discovery of the Bay, which in most histories is treated as a diversion. This book aims to fill that small gap in the historical record and, at the same time, provide instruction and entertainment to those who know and love the Bay today.

Lambert Wickes Lambert Wickes Pirate or Patriot? by Norman H. Plummer

Lambert Wickes: Pirate or Patriot? is the story of a little known American naval hero of the Revolutionary War. Lambert Wickes was one of the first 24 captains in the Continental Navy. He was the first American naval captain to sail into the home waters of Great Britain and to create havoc among British merchant vessels, the first to receive recognition from a foreign governor, and a key force in bringing France into the revolution on America's side.

Maryland's Oyster Navy Maryland's Oyster Navy The First Fifty Years by Norman H. Plummer

Maryland's oysters have long been threatened by over-harvesting. Changes in population growth, expansion of the railroads and the advent of commercial shucking houses and canneries placed increasing pressure on one of the Chesapeake Bay's principal resources. This book focuses on the state of Maryland's nineteenth- and early twentieth-century efforts to prevent oyster pirates from depleting the beds.

Beacons of Hooper Strait Beacons of Hooper Strait by Norman H. Plummer

A principal attraction at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is the 1879 Hooper Strait lighthouse. Before it was built, vessels navigating Hooper Strait were guided by an earlier lighthouse and by lightships of 1827 and 1845. This book looks at the history of these beacons and at the men who served them in storms and calm. It is based on extensive research in federal records from the administration of John Quincy Adams through 1966 when the last lighthouse was removed.

The Eastern Shore's Own Steamboat Company The Eastern Shore's Own Steamboat Company The Wheeler Transportation Line of Maryland by Richard J.S. Dodds

Pieced together from official records, published works, newspapers, oral interviews and the few surviving company records, The Eastern Shore's Own Steamboat Company is a brief history of the Wheeler Transport Line.

The company, which operated in the great era of steamboat travel in the latter part of the 19th century, was the product of the drive and vision of Caleb C. Wheeler, a native of Caroline County on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

The Edna E. Lockwood The Edna E. Lockwood by Charles H. Kepner

Edna E. Lockwood is a bugeye schooner launched at Tilghman Island in 1889. This pamphlet tells her story from her launching through her years dredging oysters on the Chesapeake Bay to her restoration by the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.