BOOK COVER: Seaworthiness
Hardcover, 7½"x10½", 372 pp.
ISBN-10: 1-888671-09-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-888671-09-4
Illustrated with 140 line drawings & 50 photos.
Price: $39.95 plus s&h.

Seaworthiness, newly updated and revised, is a highly readable critical analysis of how the search for racing yacht performance has led to the development of sailing yachts with potentially dangerous seakeeping characteristics.

Based upon the highest degree of practical and academic research, it demonstrates how modern yacht design often sacrifices safety for speed and for other considerations, and it maintains that dramatic changes in design philosophy are needed to prevent further loss of life at sea.

This is a major work which will help change the thinking on popular design trends for both racing and cruising yachts.

For the first time we are offered logical scientific criteria which help us to assess the likely seaworthiness of one boat or another. That is the great advance displayed in this book. Practical Boat Owner
Probably the most important work on sailing matters that has appeared in the English language since the author’s magisterial Aero-Hydrodynamics of Sailing...a first class piece of work, well written, well illustrated, clear and compelling. The Little Ship